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An Eight-Week Journey to Know Yourself and Bring Light to the World
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Read these quotes to help you bring darkness to the light, and make it part of the light. You bring the darkness to the light. Like an offering. You meet yourself where you're at, before moving forward. You can light another candle. It'll help you think kinder, more helpful thoughts before bedtime or anytime. Readers tell me they love flipping to a random page, trusting that's the message they most need to hear right now. You'll love it too. Sometimes overlapping, one explaining the other.

Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. Make sleep and nighttime your friend again. Lia, it truly is the light in MY darkness to share these words.

Among the Shadows, Watchers of the Light Book 1

Thanks for taking the time to comment :. The quotes are beautiful, inspirational, thank you for taking your time to make others feel better. Close Thin Icon. Your cart Close Alternative Icon. Does it contain a cliffhanger? Orinoco Womble tidy bag and all Read it and find out.

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Sep 22, Susan rated it it was amazing Shelves: hurt-comfort , rape-abuse , ghosts , comfort-reads , mm. Re-read November Just as good as the first time. Now bring on the sequel!

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These ghosts are angry, and they can kill… James Spencer is 17 and has been sent to an all-boys school by his parents to finish school. From the moment James has arrived, he hears noises at night. Crying, Re-read November Just as good as the first time. Crying, whispering, floors creaking. But everyone seems to dismiss his concerns.

Luckily James has other things on his mind than ghosts at night. He is kind of loving the school so far. Yes, it is strict, but he has made some good friends, he gets his schoolwork done in time, and they get to play rugby out on the field. But William is hesitant about James at first. While James and William grow closer and become friends, James is not only hearing things at night now, but seeing real ghosts as well. He tries to talk to his friend and roommate Oscar about it, but Oscar seems to be having some problems of his own.

I used to read horror and I will always love a good creepy book. This book was! Of course I was home alone while reading this with a heavy storm outside.

Perfect for the scare factor. The ghosts in this were very scary, and I actually loved the fact that they were dangerous, not just there to scare people, but they could hurt as well. And they did.. But this was more than a ghost story, there were some evil humans as well. And with the whole institute for boys as its background, the whole atmosphere was wonderfully creepy. What kind of evil was really going on in this school? And now of course we come to the romance. The romance was wonderful and sweet and tender and intense.

I loved James and William together. I thought they were both wonderfully portrayed for the time they were living in. Yes, they had to be very careful not to be found out, but that was more because of the rules and the headmaster than the whole gay thing. And because of how he acted, it was like people were confused enough was he joking or not?

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  • But they do spend a lot of time together. I could feel the attraction from the start and even though James had an unconventional way of courting someone, William did indeed fall for his charms. What is also worth mentioning is how great the other boys were. I loved that. It felt like this big finale when people suddenly all band together. View all 6 comments.

    May 01, anna readingpeaches rated it really liked it Shelves: 2-lgbt-authors , 2-lgbt , 1-fantasy , 1-historical , 2-bi-pan-protags , 5-young-adult , arcs , 4-boarding-school , pub , soft. ARC provided by the author. Now, for me personally, that was already enough to make me wanna read the book. So I'm easy to entertain, so what.

    The whole things takes place at a boarding school for boys and it's a very creepy one right from the start. Which is great because th rep: gay mc, bi li with depression Review also on my blog. James is basically a walking, talking Gay Disaster. No, being gay is an integral part of James as a person and it's always there, in every single thing he says and does.

    Light and Shadows

    It never feels like the romance is somehow apart from the general plot, like it runs its own course despite everything else that's happening. And the relationship evolves in such a slow, beautiful and - most importantly - natural way. Give me more of that!! I would recommend A Light Amongst Shadows to anyone who likes soft boys falling in love and also ghosts.

    I really enjoyed this YA paranormal dark but not intense historical mystery romance, enough that I immediately bought and read the sequels. James has been exiled to a remote residential boys' school, where a variety of teen boys with difficult histories are brought together for supervision, rehabilitation, and education. The reason for James's banishment from his family is gradually revealed, but he has a naturally resilient spirit and is determined to make the best of the situation. The schoo I really enjoyed this YA paranormal dark but not intense historical mystery romance, enough that I immediately bought and read the sequels.

    6 Strategies for Integrating the Shadow | HuffPost Life

    The school is at first not bad. The teachers range from strict to boring to helpful, his roommate is kind and fun, and there's a mysterious attractive boy, William, who sits alone reading books. William seems like someone who might appreciate James's own interest in poetry, and maybe more. James is sad to be unwelcome at home, but he anticipates getting along all right. But the school is also whispered to be haunted, and James hears crying and sounds in the night that keep him awake and tempt him to investigate. And over time his friendly roommate becomes more withdrawn and sad.

    Although James's developing relationship with William is a light to his days, something is clearly not right. James is determined to find out what. There are dark plot points in this story trigger warnings for view spoiler [abuse history, past and present violence, drug addiction, death of a character hide spoiler ]. But the tone is matter-of-fact rather than emotional, and James's own positive nature keeps the angst level lower than it might be. The story leans more toward mystery and adventure than the pain inherent in the things the characters have faced and are dealing with.