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You believe what they say and won't look for any hidden meanings. You can just relax, fully enjoy the relationship you have, and work on nurturing your bond.

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While it's great to have passion and chemistry, it can only take you so far. In order to have a relationship that lasts, you need to be with someone who shares your values, lifestyle, and goals for the future. You may not see your backup plan as part of your future right now. But if you're compatible in all the ways that really count, they may be worth giving a shot. It's not easy to find a genuine connection with just anyone.

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If you feel like you have that type of connection with your backup plan, you're already off to a great start. As Audrey Hope , relationship counselor and spiritual therapist, tells Bustle, "The right person will get you right away and say things that speak to your heart. For example, if you're having a bad day, they'll notice a difference in your mood and they'll do what they can to cheer you up.

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  7. They just know and understand you. It may not have been love at first sight, and the chemistry with your backup plan may not be as intense as with previous partners. But if they're your biggest cheerleader, they may be a keeper.

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    The right person for you will not only make you feel comfortable being yourself, they'll push you to keep growing. Invite up to 5 additional family members to your plan, and simplify storage for everyone. Family members get their own space to store personal files, emails, and photos.

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    Plus, everyone gets access to the benefits of Google One. Capture the moment, and keep it in full resolution Rajesh S — travel lover, dad GB. Lilah G — toy store owner GB. Enjoy memories made together, for years to come Margaret J — artist, mom GB. Next, put in the rear pole either your trekking pole set to cm, or segmented tent poles if you purchased those , with the handle of the trekking pole at the top, and the tip of the pole slipped into the grommet tab provided.

    Pumpkin Pie

    Stake the tent out so that the pole leans slightly out. Then put in the front pole, top up and tip into the grommet tab provided, zip up the vestibule, and stake it out, again so that the pole leans out at a slight angle. Adjust the front and rear guy lines so that the ridgeline is taut, and the poles both lean out at about the same angle. Then go around the four corners, and tighten the lines to provide a taut setup with no wrinkles.

    The bathtub floor can just hang, but if desired, you can take four additional hook stakes to stake out the four corners of the floor. Since The One is a roomy tent, it also presents a pretty high profile to winds. Thus, if you can find a more sheltered area, this will be helpful in windy weather.


    Google One - More storage and extra benefits from Google

    Depending on the stakes you brought, ground conditions, and wind speed, you may want to put large rocks over the stakes to help them hold. The One has 2 additional pullouts gray with reflective stripes which can be used to attach additional guy lines to for more support in windy conditions.

    In windy conditions, you may choose to stake the two corners on the windy side all the way to the ground, to minimize the intrusion of the wind into the shelter.

    The large mesh pocket on the rear wall is provided to keep your small items from getting lost inside the tent. There is a small, movable loop on the clothesline located in the ridge optional , which you can use to hang a flashlight from for reading or other nighttime activities requiring light. The roomy vestibule provides a sheltered area to keep your gear, shoes, etc. In fair conditions, the vestibule can be furled for better views and ventilation. Since The One is a single-wall shelter to save weight, it is prone to condensation in certain conditions.