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When she took on the full brunt to the attack, she absorbed most of the energy.

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Harry absorbed some to the knowledge of Voldemort, but when the energy returned to Voldemort, it destroyed his body. Rowling gives a perfect description of the difference between demons and fallen angels on the physical plane in this example of Voldemort. She writes that Voldemort once had a body, then he didn't now he does when he attaches himself to other people.

This is the way demonic entities exist in the physical world. They need a physical body in which to manifest. Angels, holy or fallen, do not need physical bodies to manifest -- they can make their own bodies on the physical plane. When occultists repel a psychic attack, they absorb some of the knowledge of the individual that attacked them.

In Harry's case, he absorbed the ability to speak snake and other special capacities from Voldemort. Rowlings describes an occult war: Voldemort says he's the greatest sorcerer in the world and Harry says that Dumbldore is the greatest wizard in the world. Then a fawkes, a phoenix and a sorting hat show up to defend and fight for Harry. Voldemort gave Harry permission to use the tools Dumbledore sent him.

The History of the Occult (PHOTOS)

Harry defeats Voldemort. Occult wars are fought on the spiritual level. This story line is straight psychic metaphor. Harry found the weakness in Voldemort's existence and capitalized on it. Book 3, p. The Dementor's kiss. Lupin explains that when dementors wish to destroy someone utterly, they suck the soul out of the person through their mouth. Hermione is reading a Rune translation. Harry has a conversation with Dumbldore regarding saving Pettigrew's life. Dumbledore tells Harry that when one wizard "saves another wizard's life, it creates a bond between them.

This is magic at its deepest and most impenetrable. Harry does not know that he can talk in the language of snakes.

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You get an inkling of this in books 1, page When Harry has a conversation with the boa constrictor, he thinks the snake is talking English, when, in fact, it is Harry that is talking "snake. In a class titled "Defense Against the Dark Arts," a snake is ready to attack one of the members of his group, Justin, and Harry tells the snake to stop. The snake obeys immediately. People were astounded that Harry could speak snake. Those who practice the many forms of familiar magick have the ability to communicate with animals.

Harry attacks his aunt Marge for her disparaging comments about him and his family by placing a swelling spell on her. This is a psychic attack. Harry's lightening bolt scar on his forehead is a symbol of his psychic strength. The lightening bolt is similar in nature to the occult "Sword of the Cherubim. Harry's class practices on a bogart to remove whatever fear they have. A bogart is an entity which morphs into whatever anyone is afraid of. It is a shape shifter and will change itself into "whatever it thinks will frighten us most. They are used in occult training as practice for conquering fear and for perfecting their craft.

Harry has a confrontation with several dementors.

Magic, Witchcraft & the Occult in London Walk - Funzing

These creatures are similar to vampires that can suck the positive energy out of a person. They cause a person to be confronted with their own evil and what the person fears. Harry is not successful in deriving the dementors away on his own. In book 3, p. In the occult, psychic vampires are similar to dementors. They feed on the emotional energy of people. You can also create your own experience and share your talent with others.

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He cast an unfriendly eye toward the other bishops and then turned and grinned at Loftur, who was now conjuring as hard as possible. Enraged at hearing this, Loftur conjured as he had never done before. To the other boy it seemed that Gottskalk edged nearer to Loftur and unwittingly reached a corner of the book out to him.

Before this he had been frightened, but now he shook with terror and everything turned black before his eyes, but it seemed to him that the bishop held up the book and that then Loftur stretched out his hand to grab it.

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At this moment he thought Loftur had given him the signal and he pulled the bell rope, and at once all the dead sank back down through the floor, with a great rushing noise. Loftur attempted to get one of the Icelandic books of magic from Gottskalk. I could well have waited for the dawn, when the bishop would have had to give the book up, and he would have handed it over to me, since he would have to have made this payment to be allowed to get back into his grave, nor would this have been allowed by the other bishops.

But he was more enduring than I in the contest between us, because when I saw the book and heard his mockery I became enraged odur and thought I could get it immediately by force of conjurations saeringar ; I came to my senses when, if I had chanted just one conjure-stave saeringarstafur more, it would have sunk the whole cathedral into the ground, which is what he intended. In that moment I saw the faces of the crowned bishops, and so faltered, but I knew that you would turn weak and grasp the bell rope to sound the bell, while the book was so close to me that I felt I could grasp it.

As it was I touched the corner, and I really did think I had got a grip on it and would never drop it! But things have to go as they have been ordained audid , and now my salvation is lost forever — and your reward as well. We must both keep quiet about it. After this experience, Loftur became more and more depressed and fearful. He finally left school and he sought solace from a nearby priest. This priest was specialized in helping people recover from magical attacks. Firstly, the priest stayed with Loftur day and night, guarding him and making sure he did not do anything foolish or reckless.

After some time, the young man seemed to be doing better. Therefore, one day, the priest left with some business. He had made Loftur promise not to leave the house while he was away. Despite his promise, as soon as the priest left, Loftur went to a nearby fisherman. He had him row his boat out into the calm sea. According to the eyewitness reports of the time, a large gray hand had come up from the sea and dragged the boat to the depths. Nobody saw Loftur, the fisherman or the boat ever again. After Loftur tried to steal one of the Icelandic books of magic, his boat was dragged to the depths of a calm sea by a large gray hand. Top image: Icelandic books of magic, occult books.

Flowers, S.

Famous Black Books of Legend

Inner Traditions. Gillot, M. Vraji, descantece, magie.

Magic and Demonology in Ancient Egypt

Harnaj, A. Intre noi si cer. Olteanu, A. Scoala de solomonie — Divinatie si vrajitorie in context comparat.

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Stefanescu, P. Magia neagra. Isa Vald has always been interested in history, archaeology, mythology, ancient mysteries and the supernatural. She has studied many aspects of the unexplained and of historical and mythological enigmas. She has always tried to find out the truth behind mysteries Read More.