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Renaissance Allentown Hotel, view from hotel room window I was in Allentown, Pennsylvania last weekend for a niece's wedding reception. As my husband and I checked into the Renaissance Allentown Hotel , I was looking forward to a view of the city from our room's fifth floor windows. When we got to the room and I opened the curtains, I was disappointed to find only a view of walls and rooftop. My disappointment turned to surprise as I realized there was a thick carpet of plants on the roof: it was a green roof.


Green roof, Renaissance Allentown Hotel The green roof is on the adjacent PPL Center , a sports arena and parking garage that opened less than a year ago. It's so new that an aerial view of the site on Google Maps shows the hotel surrounded by an entire block of bulldozed construction zone.

Green Roof Systems for Homes Types

While I would have preferred seeing the city, I suppose a green roof is one way to mitigate the lost views; it was certainly better than looking out over a blank, barren rooftop. Green roof, closeup The roof has no public access and is only visible from the hotel's windows.


With several windows like ours right at the roof level, for privacy and security purposes that's probably just as well. The plants are mostly sedums, a commonly used genus for low-maintenance green roofs. Rooftops are harsh environments and require tough plants that can take sun, wind, and extremes of heat and cold, have shallow root systems or can otherwise survive in a shallow growing medium, and tolerate irregular and entirely natural watering. Even with such a limited palette, green roofs can be beautiful and depending on the plant selection, quite colorful when the plants bloom or change color in the fall.

Seagrass and Seagrass Beds | Smithsonian Ocean

Bloomfield Farm, Morris Arboretum I saw more green roofs earlier this summer in Philadelphia during a Garden Writers Association tour of Morris Arboretum 's Bloomfield Farm, covering garages and storage sheds and even a birdhouse. Field trials are being conducted and important data accumulated. But much of the information surrounding work with tropical green roofs is scattered across the globe.

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Hopefully this Greenroofs. My love for green roofs lies in a deep rooted passion of plants and sustainability.

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My wife, Judy, and I have owned and operated plant nurseries for years. I firmly believe urban core vertical green offers important benefits including cleansing of stormwater, providing habitat, sequestering carbon, removing toxic nutrients, pumping oxygen into the air, creating a sense of place, allowing for natural pest management and more. My hope is for the Tropical Green Roofs column to offer an examination of a wide variety of topical issues facing our industry today. Standards, plant selection, roofing materials, safety and liability issues, design modeling, resources and discussion of actual projects will form the basis of our discussions.

Though the challenges are many, the opportunities are unlimited. Though buffeted with cyclone force winds and subjected to desiccation under extreme light and heat levels, ecologically important green roofs are being designed and successfully installed across the tropics.

Tropical Housing

Johns Primer School and, of course, the Greenroofs. Designing green roofs for the KEMH project in Bermuda was a real challenge, especially from the perspective of determining what truly was a Bermudian native plant species. Another of our green roof designs is based on a Mexican homestead where the only source of water comes from the rare two or three annual rain events.

Yet even more demanding are those remedial projects where we come behind a landscape firm with a low price but no green roof experience.