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  1. Fracking ends marriages and relationships
  2. Gas Drilling Is Polluting Water, But Don't Blame Fracking - The Atlantic
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The author, who has a PhD, doesn't understand any of the positives of natural gas, claiming pollution and a large footprint on her land. Natural gas has reduced emissions immensely. As far as the foot print, a 3 acre well pad for half a year is a way better compromise than a solar farm field. And she definitely has never been to a windmill, the noises and shadows those horrendous things throw off are driving people crazy.

Definitely not any accurate scientific data, just a bored housewife trying to ruin the lives of her struggling neighborhood farms. I could not even finish this poorly written attempt of a book. Check this stinker off your list. Note to author, next time get an independant opinion before publishing such drival. Format: Paperback. Hamel has written a truly captivating memoir chronicling a nearly-three-year period in which she dealt with the issues of gas fracking on an old family farmstead passed down to her, which she and husband Tom use for summer vacations in north central Pennsylvania.

Hamel, with a PhD in environmental health sciences, has a completely different reaction. Thus begins the mild conflict between the two of them. The memoir actually is poetically written, as stated in the cover notes, with imagery and emotion that puts the reader in the old farmhouse and out on the land Hamel loves. One also shares her difficult internal deliberations and conflicted desires both to make things better for her family and to protect the land.

Disclaimer notes in the book state that gas fracking laws have changed since the time period - she worked on the book, but this is still a relevant look at the process those who try to live responsibly as caretakers of the planet go through when presented with near-impossible choices. The book takes us along on Hamel's research process and lets us in on her communications to and from the gas company, environmental experts and others as she tries to find her way to a stand on the issue.

Ultimately, her quest to reach a conclusion stalls during the daily routine of taking care of her family, but some of her best writing centers around her interactions with the children and flashbacks to her childhood on the land and her memories of family there.

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Yet, by the end of the book, her deliberation process has been so long detoured that the gas company is now no longer offering contracts on the land; but horizontal drilling from another location may pass under her land anyway. The documentary, "Gaslands," was also released which raised public awareness of issues around fracking and made the term a household word. Hamel touches on a list of issues, such as eminent domain, that are timely concerns today for citizens all around the country as big power and utility companies stretch their influence across the states seeking more profit.

It is easier to ignore a problem than to prevent it," Hamel writes during her struggles.

Fracking ends marriages and relationships

What do we do? Take the money and build a better future for our family and perhaps spend the money on some other environmental issue we CAN win? Or do we keep fighting? My disappointment is that Hamel never made a choice. What came out of it, however, was a lovely memoir that raises important questions and resulted in a good read for lovers of memoir as well as environmental activists.

I found the title a bit misleading in that the marriage wasn't "fracked" at all, unless there's a lot that never made it into the memoir. Gas Drilling and the Fracking of a Marriage is a well-written, thoughtful, personal account of Dr. Hamel's dilemma when faced with a gas lease. She also had to deal with a husband that did not support her conviction that she had a moral obligation to protect the land and resources.

Hamel stresses the importance of doing research and getting legal advice before considering leases with drilling companies.

She brings to the book not only her science background but her feelings as a wife, mother, and steward of the Earth. I found myself rooting for Dr. Hamel throughout; she did indeed prove herself to be the heroine of her own story. As more and more incidents of: explosions, water contamination, spills, illegal dumping, illness, corporate greed, government official's corruption, lies about the "benefits" of drilling, and all the other negatives continue to come to light, I am looking forward to the follow up book about Dr.

Hamel's experiences with fracking on her neighbor's land. This book is well-written and easy to read. I appreciated the time and effort Dr. Hamel put into researching the details associated with the proposed gas lease. She thoughtfully and personally shares the challenges she has with making the leasing decision, the differences between she and her husband and the impact on her marriage and family. I am looking forward to her next book. Well, there is good news and bad news about my experience of "Gas Drilling and the Fracking of a Marriage" by Stephanie C.

Over the past few years I have become aware of the Energy Crisis in the world and wondered about the impacts on our life style and economy of the US. I also attended a gathering of local residents in the New York City watershed who were concerned about the threat of 'fracking" in their area.

I was hoping that this book would present more factual, scientific information from the mouth of someone with a scientific background who was personally experiencing the situation. In that regard, the book failed me. What it did deliver was the personal turmoil that facing a decision "to frack or not to frack" might present to someone who wanted to preserve the sustainability of her piece of land.

Filled with mental gymnastics and seesawing over the decision, the author recounts her angst and its effects on her marriage. I actually found it hard to relate to the author. I also found it hard to identify with the relationship she had with her husband. In the end See all 8 customer reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

To further explore the idea that social norms shape the decision to marry and bear children, the paper compared the fracking boom in the s with the rise of the coal industry in Appalachia in the s. Then as now, more babies were born as incomes improved.

Gas Drilling Is Polluting Water, But Don't Blame Fracking - The Atlantic

But back then, the share of babies born to unwed mothers declined substantially, suggesting that economic trends and social expectations were both working in favor of more traditional family structures. Now, that's not to suggest that it's easy to boost two-parent households by changing what's socially acceptable, either. Over the years, policymakers have tried a number of programs to promote marriage, with little success.

Since neither improving economic prospects for men nor pro-marriage social engineering makes a dent in the rate of out-of-wedlock births, the trend may be beyond the ability of politicians to influence. Back to Gallery The fracking boom spurs a baby boomlet.

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